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I'm inspired by the real moments that make a wedding day fabulous. I focus on the connection between you and your loved one. It is a special honor for me as a professional wedding photographer to document such an important event as a wedding day.

That's why I always try to create a story in my photos. I do my best to capture every moment of the day with all the love, skill, and attention it deserves. Your wedding day is meant to be an amazing celebration! Give me a place with good light and we can waste hours taking unique photos.

About me

My name is Marius, I am a professional wedding photographer, I capture natural and emotional moments. Available nationwide! I am a visual artist with a special interest in photography, I am an animal lover and a slight coffee addict. Wedding photography is more than a passion for me.

Capturing natural & emotional moments

On the wedding day it is possible that my assistant will be present. This will give you positioning instructions for the photo shoot. Don't worry, we won't force you to pose in uncomfortable ways! We'll talk, laugh and play a few games so we can capture your natural smiles and authentic intimate moments. That way we can capture a little bit of the love you share together.

I will capture moments with the people you love, the small details that surround you and all the emotions of the wedding day. My greatest ambition as a professional wedding photographer is to create images with a strong emotional impact. See more details about a destination wedding photographer!

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On the videography side, I collaborate with professional wedding videographers with huge experience. I also collaborate with secondary photographers at the beginning of the journey, as I once was. Together with my assistant and other collaborators like secondary photographers and professional videographers we deliver top quality wedding photo video services.

I believe that the best wedding photos are taken when you feel completely comfortable, and for this reason I love to create stories when I shoot. By the time your wedding day rolls around, I want to already have a connection with you and your loved one. I'll start getting to know you as soon as you submit a quote request. I believe that a professional wedding photographer should capture all the moments of the wedding day.

RECENT wedding, christening or civil WEDDING stories

I am a destination wedding photographer in Europe, a storyteller and a creator. I like to create a story in all photo albums, be it wedding photo albums, christening photo albums or civil wedding photo albums. I share my perspectives through the language of photography. Go to the stories page to view more wedding photos!

Check out the latest stories from a professional event photographer. Click on any story to see more photos captured by a professional wedding photographer. Together we will establish your natural story!

Check out the latest stories of the couples I've worked with in these wedding photo albums on my website. These are just a few of the recent events I've photographed. In addition to being a wedding photographer, I am also a baptism photographer or civil wedding photographer. Click on any story to see more photos!

We were able to get these stories by collaborating with dozens of couples at events such as weddings, baptisms or civil ceremonies. The vision of their special day is exhibited in wedding photo albums. Learn more about a professional wedding photographer!


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I dedicate myself 100% to event photography. I offer event photography services (wedding photographer, baptism photographer, civil wedding photographer) in Bucharest and beyond. I like to capture emotional and natural images. I love that the photos I capture offer real emotions. As a Bucharest wedding photographer, I learned to be very attentive to details and to the people around me. I offer wedding photo services, or for any other special events.

I am a professional wedding photographer, and in order to produce quality photos I keep up to date with the latest trends in wedding photography and professional equipment. Call with confidence the destination wedding photo services and you will secure a professional and passionate wedding photographer. I will capture precious moments of your most important day!

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Wedding photo album

As a professional wedding photographer, I collaborate with professional printers who create wedding photo albums for professional wedding photographers or designers. You can choose from dozens of models. You can customize your wedding album by adding more collages, eco-leather, natural or fabric covers.

Your memories from a professional wedding photographer are safe on a quality USB stick in a personalized wooden box that you will receive with every wedding photography package. The wedding photo album is that item that you can show family and friends when they come to visit and that sits on your shelf in a special box. Choose premium quality destination wedding photo services!

Professional wedding photographer in France, Italy & beyond

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The wedding day is a special one for the newlyweds. You want this day to be documented by a professional wedding photographer! Years from now you will look back at your wedding photos and relive those special feelings from your wedding day. Providing premium wedding photo services in Europe can guarantee this. Wedding photos are wedding testimonies for future generations.

Whether you choose to have your wedding day documented by a professional wedding photographer in Bucharest or in any other city, it is essential that he has the necessary equipment, experience and passion. The wedding photos captured by a destination wedding photographer are probably the only memories you will have after the wedding day.

Choose to work with a professional wedding photographer or professional baptism photographer for your special event. Your memories matter!

Are you interested in working together? Do you have a question? You can contact me by email through the contact form below to find out more details. We can hear each other on the phone or chat on social media.

Get in touch with a professional photographer to have the guarantee of pleasantly captured memories.

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