I find great inspiration in the genuine moments that make a wedding day truly spectacular. My focus is on capturing the bond between you and your partner. As a destination wedding photographer, it is a privilege to document such a significant occasion.

To tell a story through my photographs, I strive to capture every moment of the day with the utmost care, expertise, and devotion. Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and I am committed to making it a memorable celebration! With the right lighting, we can spend countless hours capturing breathtaking photos.

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Capturing natural & emotional moments

Greetings, I'm Marius, a wedding photographer based in Bucharest. My photography style combines elements of photojournalism, candid snapshots, portraits, family photos, and detailed images. I don't limit myself to any specific type of photography because I enjoy being creative and capturing the inherent beauty in every moment.

Apart from specializing in wedding photography, I also offer my services as a baptist photographer, civil wedding photographer, and event photographer for any occasion. I place great value on the importance of photography and strive to provide affordable rates.

To me, your wedding day is just as significant as it is to you. Each shot I take is a treasured memory for you to cherish. I aim to deliver the highest quality images that encapsulate the essence of your wedding day. As a wedding photographer in Bucharest, I prefer to blend in with the guests to capture candid shots without disrupting the natural flow of events.

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During your wedding day, there may be an assistant present who will provide instructions for posing during the photoshoot. However, there's no need to worry as we won't ask you to pose in uncomfortable positions! Instead, we prefer to engage in conversation, laughter, and fun games to capture your natural expressions and intimate moments, showcasing the love you share.

Regarding videography, I collaborate with experienced and professional wedding videographers, as well as aspiring second shooters, just as I once was. With the help of my assistant and other talented collaborators, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality wedding photography and videography services.

I strongly believe that the most exceptional wedding photographs are created when you feel at ease in front of the camera. To establish a connection with you and your loved one, I begin getting to know you right away when you request a price quote, so that by the time the wedding day arrives, we already have a rapport.

Real wedding stories captured by a professional

Wedding Photographer in Europe

As a wedding photographer in Europe, I am not only a visual storyteller but also a creative mind. I aim to tell a unique story through every photo album, whether it be for weddings, baptisms, or civil ceremonies. Through my language of photography, I share my perspective and vision with the world. For more wedding photo albums and stories, be sure to check out the "stories" page!

Discover the most recent stories from a professional event photographer, featuring stunning images captured by an experienced wedding photographer. By collaborating with you, I strive to create a genuine narrative that reflects your individuality. Click on any story to see more photographs and learn more about my approach. Together, we can capture and showcase your natural story in a memorable way.

Experience the most recent love stories captured by me, a wedding photographer, by exploring the wedding photo galleries on my website. These galleries showcase just a handful of the many beautiful events I have had the pleasure of photographing. As a versatile photographer, I am also available to capture your baptism and civil wedding ceremonies. Click on any story to discover more photos!

My ability to tell these stories stems from my collaborations with numerous couples at various events, including weddings, baptisms, and civil ceremonies. Each event's unique vision is showcased in the wedding photo galleries, allowing you to gain insight into my approach as a destination wedding photographer in Europe. Discover more about my style and services by visiting my website!

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WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY services in Bucharest

My unwavering commitment is to event photography, offering my services as a wedding photographer in Bucharest, baptism photographer, and civil wedding photographer across Romania, France, Italy, Greece, and beyond. My primary focus is to capture natural and emotional images that evoke genuine feelings. As a Europe wedding photographer, I have developed an acute eye for detail and a profound sensitivity towards the people I work with. I provide wedding photography services as well as coverage for any other special events.

As a professional wedding photographer from Bucharest, I remain up-to-date with the latest trends and equipment in the field to produce exceptional photographs. You can trust my destination wedding photography services to deliver the results you deserve from a skilled and passionate photographer. I will seize the most precious moments of your big day, leaving you with a treasure trove of unforgettable memories.

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Wedding photo album

I am a dedicated event photographer offering a range of services including wedding, baptism, and civil wedding photography throughout France, Italy, Greece, and beyond. My passion lies in capturing natural and emotional moments, and I am highly attentive to details and people around me. As a professional wedding photographer, I stay up to date with the latest trends and equipment to produce high-quality images. Choose my destination wedding photography services to secure the services of a passionate and experienced photographer.

As part of my services, I collaborate with professional printers to create customized wedding photo albums with dozens of models to choose from.

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Professional wedding photographer in Romania & beyond

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Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you'll want to remember forever. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is the best way to capture those special moments and emotions, whether you're tying the knot in France, Italy, Greece, or anywhere else in Europe. You'll cherish your wedding photos for years to come and be able to relive the feelings of your special day.

Don't settle for less than the best when it comes to documenting your wedding day. Choose a professional photographer with the skills, experience, and passion to provide premium wedding photo services. Whether you're getting married in Dordogne, France, Tuscany, Italy, or anywhere else, a professional photographer will ensure your memories are captured in a way that will last for generations.

Invest in the expertise of a destination wedding photographer for your special event.

Your memories are priceless!

If you would like to collaborate with me or have any questions, feel free to contact me via the contact form below, phone, or social media chats.

I am an English-speaking wedding photographer and can ensure that your memories are captured beautifully and to your satisfaction.

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