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I am a professional wedding photographer in Bucharest, Romania, but also I offer wedding photography services in other cities in Romania or Europe. My event photography services include wedding photography, baptism photography, or civil wedding photo. Even though my headquarters are in Bucharest, I am a professional wedding photographer and I am available to go as a wedding photographer in Malta, wedding photographer in Budapestwedding photographer in Madrid, or even in other countries, such as Germany or Italy.

Together with my assistant, we form the Soulseeker team and we are international wedding photographers. The good part is that if you contact us you will have two wedding photographers. All angles will be covered at your special event. At the wedding photo session, my assistant will coordinate you so you can have both formal and artistic wedding photos. If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Malta, you will not fail with our Malta wedding photo services.

Choose a Malta wedding photographer that is professional and passionate about your memories after the wedding day. Investing in wedding photography is important because wedding pictures are probably the only memories you will remain after the wedding day. Want to find out more about a wedding photographer in Malta?

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Recent stories

I like to create a story in all my photos. Whether I attend events such as Malta wedding photographer or Malta baptist photographer, my goal is to have a story in the photos at the event. While viewing your wedding or baptismal pictures, you will be happy to remember the feelings that flooded you on your special day. View more recent stories of a professional wedding photographer Malta. View the latest photo albums wedding in Bucharest or photo wedding pictures Malta from a professional photographer.

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Wedding photography services

I’m a professional wedding photographer in Malta, I dedicate myself to wedding photography but I collaborate on the video with skilled videographers. Do you want to know the price offer for your wedding photo in Malta country? Contact me for more details about wedding video photo services in Malta.

Soulseeker’s partners are experienced and professional persons in wedding photography. Choose to collaborate with a destination wedding photographer Malta who offers superior quality and has the trustworthy people he recommends.

We will capture your precious moments on one of the most important days of your life!

Wedding photography style

I think the most important thing in choosing a wedding photographer is his style in approaching the wedding day. Of course, there are many other factors, but you want your wedding photos to look good for years to come. Choose a wedding photographer with an editing style according to your taste.

I document the day as it unfolds, without positioning and with all-natural emotions. I’m a wedding photographer in Malta eager to be there since the first hour, where I will surprise your wedding preparations. Want to find out more about my style of wedding photography?

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Wedding photos

I think that to get the best wedding photos you need experience and talent. I am a professional wedding photographer willing to photograph in any city in Malta, Italy, France, or Spain. I am willing to travel abroad for my wedding photo services. I have the experience and the necessary equipment to address the wedding day with confidence. Trust your photographer for your event. I offer wedding photography services in Malta, but also in other countries or cities. As a wedding photographer Bucharest, I learned that time is the most important thing. I’m helping you to plan an itinerary and we’ll take care to adhere strictly. I understand that the wedding day is important to you and you deserve a Malta wedding photographer who is a professional and perfectionist.



Wedding photo albums

I collaborate with professional videographers who deliver your wedding filming at the right time. They will edit the wedding video as you will see in their portfolios. Our recommendations do not just stop on Malta wedding video, we have partners in wedding decoration, choreographers for wedding dancing, but also wedding photo booth in Malta. The most beautiful moments will be surprised by me, a wedding photographer in Malta and my colleagues, wedding video in Malta, and wedding photo booth.

Book your photo session

We understand that not everyone worked with a professional wedding photographer. Most people feel intimidated by the camera, but we’ll help you overcome these emotions with a photo session before the wedding day. We will organize a photo session, also known as Save the Date. You’ll get used to a wedding photographer Malta and see how I approach a photo session. So on the wedding day, you will be more relaxed. Book your photo session now to enjoy the wedding photo service in Malta or any other country

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Wedding photographer from Malta

Are you looking for a wedding photographer Malta to capture your wedding day? As a professional wedding photographer, I know that the wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and your loved one’s lives. We will try to create unique moments and collect emotions in wedding photos. So we will create a story in wedding pictures and you will be happy to remember your special day. Only a professional wedding photographer can guarantee that the wedding day is documented in a professional style.

Even if the headquarters of the Soulseeker team are in Bucharest we are also wedding photographers in Malta and we are delighted to return to this wonderful country. We have used wedding photography services in other cities and countries and we have been wedding photographers in Nice and wedding photographers in Barcelona. We like to travel and approach the wedding photo with passion. Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Malta eager for a new adventure?

You can contact us right now and you can find out more about our packages for wedding photo Malta, but also wedding video packages in Malta or any other country. We are professional wedding photographers, eager to meet you and collaborate on your beautiful day. Together we will document your wedding story!

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International wedding photographer

Ever since our first contact with the event photo (wedding photo, baptism photo, or civil wedding photo), we focused on service quality. We’ve decided to deliver impressive photos and premium services. We are pleased to be wedding photographers in Malta, but we are recognized and recommended as wedding photographers in Europe as well. We have been recommended by several wedding sites and our stories have come across all of Europe. We are international wedding photographers ready to capture images that will last for years.

We focus on quality wedding photography and we are professional wedding photographers in Europe. Everything for you to enjoy the best wedding photo services in Malta or all over Europe. Do you want to work with an international wedding photographer? Choose to contact the Soulseeker team, international wedding photographers to find out more details.

Together we can capture the important moments of your special day. We are wedding photographers in France or wedding photographers in Italy, all to deliver unique and impressive stories to our photos. Want to find out more about a wedding photographer based in Malta?

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Professional wedding photographer advice

In the articles on our blog you can find many useful tips about wedding photography, but also about wedding organization. Are you in the middle of organizing your wedding? Find some useful information from an experienced wedding photographer. I photographed dozens of events and worked with many customers. I am in a position to help people through my experience as a wedding photographer in Malta or a wedding photographer in Italy.

My experience is also appreciated by being a Bucharest wedding photographer, a Bucharest baptist photographer, or a civil wedding photographer in Bucharest. I learned new things at any event I took part in and put them in quality articles so that future brides can benefit from useful information for their wedding. Before the wedding, we can meet for a consultation on the organization of the wedding day itinerary. There are many details that young couples are likely to miss. Only experienced wedding photographer Malta can give you useful tips for organizing the wedding.

I’m a wedding photographer in Malta or any other European country, willing to help brides and grooms with the information and my experience. Choose to collaborate with a professional event photographer. Choose the quality of wedding photos from a professional wedding photographer!

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Bucharest wedding photo & video

Are you looking for a wedding photographer Malta with prices and offers? In Soulseeker’s wedding photography packages you can find wedding photographer Malta prices for half a day or cover the whole event. Wedding photos are your memories as wedding testimonies. Choose a wedding photographer Malta’s price and personalized offers!

Learn more about wedding photographer Malta or any other country. Whether you’re looking for rates for a wedding photographer or baptist photographer in Malta, use the Malta photo services you trust. Contact a professional wedding photographer, wedding photography service of superior quality.

Professional wedding photographer in Malta

Are you looking for a professional wedding photographer in Malta? Maybe I’m the right photographer for your special event. There are many factors in choosing the wedding photographer. You can take a look at my portfolio as a professional wedding photographer in Malta and if my style suits your desire you can get in touch with me.

Whether you choose a wedding photographer from Tuscany, a wedding photographer in Nice, or a wedding photographer from Malta, please note that he must be a professional. Spend a little time on its website and look in the wedding photo galleries, but also in the baptism photo gallery or couples photo session. If the style of the photos is constant in each album, this is a positive aspect. A professional wedding photographer must have a style that suits your taste. So, if you look at wedding photos after years, they should be of your liking.

I will be with you from the very first hour of the day and I will capture the preparation of the bride or the details of the wedding decorations. See my portfolio with wedding photo albums, baptism photo albums, or photo wedding albums. Choose to hire a professional wedding photographer from Malta for your unique event in life!

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