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Hi! I'm Soulseeker, a destination wedding photographer in France, Italy, Greece and beyond, my style combines photojournalism and snapshots with portraits, family photos and detail images. I don't limit myself to a certain type of photography, I like to be creative and highlight the beauty that is already there. In addition to my main work as a wedding photographer, I am also a baptism photographer or civil wedding photographer. Now wedding photographer price and personalized offers!

For any event dear to you, you can call on my services for Bucharest wedding photography. A wedding is usually one of the most memorable days in life, which people remember forever. For most couples, ordinary pictures captured by an amateur photographer will not make anything special out of it.

Generally, destination wedding photography involves photographing wedding ceremonies and attendees. However, there is much more to a professional wedding photographer than simply pressing a button. Appreciate the wedding photographer for your cherished memories!

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PHOTO & video Bucharest weddings

The photos obtained at each event as a professional wedding photographer are the result of my passion. I want to create a story of your special day, I will document all the important events for you to remember fondly. All brides dream of their wedding since childhood, and they know that after this special day, they must remain with the most beautiful memories. Choose my services as a wedding photographer, price, and offers at a professional level. Choose a destination wedding photographer in France, Italy, Greece, Romania and beyond with customized prices!

Why is it important to hire a professional wedding photographer? Your memories are the most important things you will be left with after your wedding day. Wedding photos will remind you of the most precious moments. Enjoy the moments spent on one of the most important days of your life! Choosing a wedding photographer of high quality and price is essential to guarantee that the memories will be documented exactly as they happen.

I am a Bucharest wedding photographer, however, depending on requests and challenges, I am willing to move to another city. I am willing to document your event even across borders. The first and most important thing for a wedding photographer is to meet their clients and establish a connection. You can request a price quote right now.

Now wedding photographer prices and personalized offers!

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Wedding photos are full of emotions. I love to create a story in all photo albums, be it a wedding, christening, civil union, or any other important event in your life. See the wedding photo gallery. High-resolution wedding photos and other wedding photo albums. Click on any story to see more photos by a professional wedding photographer. You will enjoy the wonderful and unique moments you spent at your wedding and share them with your friends and family.

I am with you with wedding photo services in Bucharest at the highest professional level. Choose my services, such as wedding photography, and contact me to benefit from professional wedding photographer offers and prices. Wedding photography is our passion and we are available to travel to other cities in Romania.

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Photography & videography in Bucharest

I focus and dedicate myself to wedding photography, I am a professional wedding photographer and collaborate with professional videographers. In my offer you can find wedding photo video packages, all to guarantee you premium services. You can find out more details about Bucharest wedding photo prices by accessing the contact page. We will have the opportunity to get to know each other or talk on the phone more details related to the wedding day.

Only a professional wedding photographer has the equipment and technical knowledge to guarantee you professional wedding photos. Contact me right now to benefit from offers and prices wedding photographer Bucharest or any other city.

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As a professional wedding photographer I know that your wedding day is a special one, and you want to have those memories documented in a professional way. That's why investing in a wedding photographer is essential to guarantee you wonderful memories with your loved ones.

Choose a professional wedding photographer who can deliver those memories in a professional way. To find out more details about the prices of a professional wedding photographer, you can access the contact page.